Client’s Level 1 Felony Criminal Charges Dismissed

King, Brown & Murdaugh Trial Lawyers is pleased to share that Criminal Defense Attorney Lakeisha Murdaugh secured a dismissal for her client that was charged with a Level 1 felony in Lake County.  Thanks to Attorney Murdaugh’s hard and relentless defense of the charges, her client will walk free, without any court-ordered obligations and will...
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Client Found Not Guilty of Murder and Felony Murder

KBM Trial Lawyers is pleased to share that Lake County Criminal Defense Attorneys Scott King and Lakeisha Murdaugh’s client was found not guilty of Murder and Felony Murder after a week-long jury trial.  Murder is defined as a knowingly or intentional killing.  Additionally, an individual can also be charged with murder if he/she kills another...
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Attorney Scott King challenges the US Marshall treatment of public officials

HAMMOND | The clanking of shackles around wrists and ankles of elected officials charged with public corruption sends a sensory message, whether intended by law enforcement or not. A message also comes across with the massive billboard-sized FBI logo on the sides of an evidence truck parked outside a local government building being raided. At...
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